Koen De Ceuleneer

Fragments Of Landscapes
Some fragments of thougts,
isolated thoughts like pylones in a landscape,
and connected like them.

To look, to watch, to render, to show.

When at the age of fourteen I went out with my father to paint the french abandoned landscapes, my main interest was a telephone pole in a field, standing by itself, connecting unseen people. Abroad or at home, on a highway or bike, I see landscapes. All landscapes differ, they have a unique identity. Often simple, common, repetitive images. Natural and man-made elements. Pylons, wires, houses, towers, industrial buildings, sheds. Elements, details, combinations, proportions. Still lives. Very large still lives. What attracts and inspires me, I draw to study. My work is a study. In my work I study the world, the people in it and the landmarks people leave in it. In the atelier my drawings on paper become drawings in space. My sculptures are actually spatial drawings. Material, scale, forms nor color need realism. Study becomes interpretation. Made out of wire with a cupper layer, formed and soldered. I sow accents with thread. Craft and awareness of material.

I had the honour to work in interesting ateliers and to meet inspiring people, always filling my rugsack with techniques, moods and visions. During a whole year it was my job sanding Japanese furniture in a restauration atelier. There I realised I never moved away of Antwerp, but I learned to feel as if living abroad. Out of a landscape I draw what draws me, fragments, details, combinations, proportions : the fragments of landscapes I portray, become portrayed fragments of myself. The bond with the surroundings. Beeing surrounded by people who matter, whom I happen to meet over and over again, who are part of my culture, who are part of my life, who shaped my biografy. Surroundings that matter, places I happen to come over and over again, that are part of my culture, that are part of my life, that shaped my biografy. Recieving all these impressions, swallowing and digesting them, getting energy out of this proces to be able to give something back. I intend to leave this place better than I found it.